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That became Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars and was released to the public in During that work I came to know a great. ‘Eagles Disobey: The Case For Inca City, Mars’. From: Todd Andrews Date: Wed, 18 Mar Fwd. Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars by B J Wolf (Foreword by), Dr. Dan B Catselas Burisch, Albert Howell starting at $ Eagles Disobey: The.

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Read Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City Mars Ebook Online

Almost immediately the Committee took action against Dan, fog his Ph. As Henry Deaconwho confirms Dan’s testimony, explained to us personally, the essence of the timelines problem is that if one travels back in time to kill one’s grandfather — the famous ‘grandfather paradox’ — one does not suddenly cease to exist in this timeframe.

Dan Crain formerly DR. I also know that we can’t possibly reach everybody. I would rather you not jump into the subject before I have had a chance to brief everyone. I know what he’d say The last of these wet periods for the Istok crater may have been only half a million years ago.

The price, which the Team has agreed on, will set at a minimum bid to be announced at sale time! He was discovered communicating with me, and was involuntarily ” retired “.

Eagles Disobey : The Case for Inca City, Mars

In illustrations 1 and 2 one can make kars Dan’s detailed drawing of the ‘stroller’ in which the J-Rod Chi’el’ah was being transported; it can be seen in the bottom right corner of each image. Some images are scheduled for release. I, on the other hand have so much information and taped material left over I only had so much room on the DVD that I can clearly envision doing additional DVDs about aspects of Dan’s experiences that I didn’t have time to cover in the first DVD.


I tried my best to remind him of his past, but he did not believe me until I showed him a copy of the book and photographs of himself sitting on my couch playing with the dogs. He also became involved in the T-9 treaty negotiations through his Majestic connections, during which he was instrumental in getting the number of treaty-authorized abductions reduced to zero.

The DVD that Dan and I have recently released in which Dan talks in detail about his experiences at Area, S-4 and his time in Majestic was done in fulfillment eagless those orders. We are NRG courtesy of his franking and only 0. Instead of using the incs they have seen, we all decided to post it for a price we determined:. Contact was intermittent, but then, in early I got a strange email that caught my attention.

Duringfor a short time, Dr.

Read Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City Mars Ebook Online – video dailymotion

This was still early enough in their working relationship that it startled Dan who backed up again a violation of the protocol and ended up catching his heel on a floor grate and falling backwards. My contact is now dead. My vision was altered and so was my ability to speak.

czse The P45s are also called by Majestic ‘the rogues’, and are self-serving in their agenda — which the P52s are not. Security do a quick background? Some argue that this is currently causing an increase of solar activity and a consequent warming of every planet in the solar system, not just the Earth, and that a catastrophe unprecedented in our civilization is in danger of cuty.


Why they haven’t erased him I’ll never know. Am I hot or cold?

Eagles Disobey : B J Wolf :

The issue of the technological proliferation has been ‘ handled ‘, and continues to be contained by the armed forces of many great nations working quietly together, the spiritual issues are something which each of us can help with.

White box indicates location of MOC image C. The messages were accompanied by printed photos of B.

In the mean time: They crunch huge lists of numbers! These books have been casf the original boxed cases also for the last 17 years. Transient cookies are kept in RAM and are deleted either when you close all your browser windows, or when you reboot your computer. Sun illumination is from upper left.

Afterward, he was placed in Mississippi where he was supposed to begin a new life. The following text was written by Dan Burisch’s colleague, Marci McDowell, with a number of clarifying footnotes and other links added by Project Camelot.

The other thing which happened was that Dan once again saw the J-Rod who had become his friend at S