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This is a BRAND NEW DEI T Active Latching Switch/Relay. The T is an extremely versatile switch/relay device that can be used for a variety of installation. The Rattlesnake T is an extremely versatile solid-state switch that can be used for many installation needs. Can be programmed normally open/normally. GREEN (-/+) activation input: The GREEN input wire activates the T. When input is received on this wire the. output will pulse on for the desired amount.

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Originally Posted by polecat. But you should size according to whatever your own load is. Dej momentarily switches all four turn signals or parking lights if you prefer so you add that current if incandescents. Hmm, I used 5A as well, and I haven’t driven it yet with everything installed. I don’t have leds though. Can you maybe explain how you came to 5A so I can decide what size to use? I kind of just guessed in the dark. Also, I cei just switch my bulbs to and with a new headlight unit which maybe has something to do with it because the fuse blew when I was switching between the two while testing them.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I use to the turn signals 5 should be adequate unless you are driving two pairs of incandescent turn signals – then you might want to go to 10A When you say fuse blew, which fuse – the one on the Sombra? How are you connecting the orange to the red – are you driving an external relay? You should not be pulling any headlight current directly through the Dek – only using it to control external relay.


Did you use a resistor for the security bypass? I have a first gen, and I used a solid state latching relay dei t to connect the orand and red wires with the ebay rfid reader, not actually using the sombra. I’m assuming the white outputs are specific to the sombra. I forgot that edi upgraded your system.

DEI 611T 12 Volt 12v “active” Latching Switch / Relay With Programmable Timer

I was going off of one of your earlier diagrams. I put an inline fuse according to the diagram before the power line that splits off to the reader and the relay. That’s the fuse that blew. Thanks for the help.

OK – that explains the major disconnect! Can’t see why your fuse would blow because of the lights – you should add a connection diagram so I can see exactly what you are doing. Originally Posted fei vbwstripes. Last edited by D’Ecosse; at Here is how I have mine set up.

It is definitely blowing fuses when I switch the light to high beams, or turn it on with the high beam on.

Directed Electronics T Rattlesnake MOSFET Multi-switch | eBay

All switches are off on the t, so I have to present the key to turn it on and off just as you have written. Sorry for my photoshop skills. Should I be using a more robust one, or a slow acting fuse? SDC by vbwstripeson Flickr. The 611g is the relay will still remain latched unless you swipe 611h tag again You could connect the brown to the switch side of the fuse – dej be sure that the switch is rated for 30A and also use minimum of 12ga wiring for the battery to the switch and switch to brown input.


The way I have drawn it in first diagram or my other diagram in previous post is more correct for the T – but requires second swipe of the tag to de-latch it. Again, the simple relay with diode to operate the latch that I showed originally, negates that second swipe to turn it off.


The T just complicates things IMO because it requires a second pulse to turn it off after it latches off the first pulse. All times are GMT The time now is Page 9 of Bay Area CA Bikes: Originally Posted by polecat. Send a private message to D’Ecosse. Find More Posts by D’Ecosse. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Send a private message to vbwstripes.

Find More Posts by vbwstripes. Keyless RFID Ignition I have a first gen, and I used a solid state latching relay dei t to connect the orand and red wires with the ebay rfid reader, not actually using the sombra. Originally Posted by vbwstripes I connected the green and brown wires SV Modifications and General Maintenance.

So, who has had their required RFID chip implanted? Wiring an 03 611g for keyless ignition??