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Eisner uses large, monochromatic images in dramatic perspective, and emphasizes the caricatured characters’ facial expressions; few panels or captions have traditional borders around them.

The New York Times.

La ciudad en cómic: “Dropsie Avenue”, de Will Eisner | ecosistema urbano

O’Neil, Dennis May Views Read Edit View history. Early reviews were positive. Jews and Comic Books. Will Eisner was born in New York in to poor Jewish immigrants. Sales were poor, but demand increased over the years.

In the preface he stated his aim to keep the exaggeration in his cartooning within realistic limits. He buys whiskey instead and returns to his pregnant conntrato, who herself had given up on show business for him and whom he abuses. The manager gave up and put the book in storage in the cellar. He adopts an infant girl, Rachele, who is abandoned on his doorstep.

Contrato con Dios – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

For other uses, see Contract with God. In contrast to comics in the superhero genre, in which Eisner did prominent work cn in his career, the characters in A Contract with God are not heroic; they often feel frustrated and powerless, even when performing seemingly heroic deeds to help their neighbors.

Eisner had had greater artistic ambitions for comics since his time doing The Spirit. A clothing cutter named Benny and a secretary named Goldie are staying at an expensive hotel near the cookalein, both hoping to find someone rich to qill they mistake each other for a wealthy target, and when they discover this, Benny rapes Esiner.


He becomes dissatisfied with his new way of life, and decides that he needs a new contract with God to fill the emptiness he feels.

The book’s short story cycle revolves around poor Jewish characters who live in a tenement in New York City. He has a group of rabbis draw up a new contract, but when he returns home with it, his heart fails and he dies.

The Journal of the Comics Studies Society. Icons of the American Comic Book: Eisner had originally intended to call the book Tenement StoriesTales from the Bronx[60] or A Tenement in the Bronx [30] but Baronet titled it A Contract with Godafter the lead story, [60] as the term “tenement” was not widely known outside the eastern US.

Ohio State University Press. The two outer stories further emphasize Jewish identity with the extra-urban portions of their settings—the rural Russian origin of the religious Hersh in “Contract”, and the Catskill mountains in “Cookalein”, a retreat commonly associated with Jews in the 20th century. Eisner intended A Contract with God to have an adult audience, and wanted it to be sold in bookstores rather than comic shops; [59] as such, he turned down an offer from Denis Kitchen to publish it.

He stated, “[Hersh’s] argument with God was mine. Willie is affected by his experiences, but does not express them, [10] and his family plan to leave the tenement. He found no support for his ideas, and left the world of commercial comics after ending his signature work The Spirit in Eisner continued to produce graphic novels in a third phase to his cartooning career that ultimately lasted longer than either his periods in comic books or in educational comics.


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Royal, Derek Parker Summer A Contract with God has frequently, though erroneously, been cited as the first graphic novel; [70] comic book reviewer Richard Kyle had used the term in in a fan newsletter, [71] and it had appeared on the cover of The First Kingdom by Jack Katzwith whom Eisner had corresponded.

Cartoonist Dave Sim praised the book and wrote that he reread it frequently, [82] but called it “a bit illegitimate” to use the term “graphic novel” for works of such brevity; [83] he stated he could read the book in “twenty to thirty minutes”, [84] which he argued amounted to “the equivalent of a twenty-page short story”.

The stories’ sexual content is prominent, though not in the gratuitous manner of underground comix ‘ celebration of hedonism, [11] which contrasted with the conservative lifestyle of Eisner the middle-aged businessman.

The book took two years to finish. Authoring and Exploring Vast Narratives. Fiore, Richard April—May Like others of his generation, he turned to comics as an artistic outlet, [27] a career he began in I can’t attribute the pattern of my life to the hand of God, although I would like to because it would seem that somewhere there is a hand that is guiding it.

Since the s, he had been developing ideas for a book, but was unable to gain support for them, as comics was seen by both the public and its practitioners as low-status entertainment; at a meeting of the National Cartoonists Society inRube Goldberg rebuked Eisner’s ambitions, saying, “You are a vaudevillian like the rest of us Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels.