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Chrysomphalus dictyospermi (Morgan, ). Dataset; GBIF Backbone Taxonomy: Rank; SPECIES: Published in; Fjelddalen, J. Skjoldlus ( Coccinea. PDF | Effect of temperature on life history of Chrysomphalus dictyospermi ( Morgan) (Hemiptera Diaspididae). This study documented the life table parameters of. On citrus, heavy infestations of C. dictyospermi can cover the tree. The toxic saliva injected while feeding causes leaf chlorosis, and feeding by many scale.

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Title Damage symptoms on orange.

Notes on Taxonomy and Nomenclature Top of page This species has been described under several species names see ‘Names’ section in this datasheet. The coccid fauna of the Ogasawara Bonin Islands. Insect Pests of Farm, Garden and Orchard.

Chrysomphalus dictyospermi (Morgan, 1889)

Some insect pests of Tonga. The introduced species, Aphytis melinus, subsequently became widely established and effective against C. South Pacific Commission, Department of Food and Agriculture.


CIE, ; Fernandes, This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible. Queensland Journal of Agricultural Science, hcrysomphalus CIE, ; Gill, In Egypt, it attacks ornamental plants under glass Nada, Reproductive Biology Reproduction is sexual in most C.

Williams and Watson, Agricultural Research Service, Acclimatisation, spread and notes on the biology of Aphytis melinus De Bach in Sicily. The armoured scales Homoptera: Amparo Blay Golcoechea M, Diaspididae of the world.

Proceedings of the Dictyoxpermi Society of Washington, 98 1: Scale insects on citrus in Tripolitania. Neotropical Entomology, 30 3: In Egypt, it attacks ornamental plants under glass Nada, CIE, ; Longo et al. Diapididae of the Conterminous United States.

Chrysomphalus dictyospermi

Beingolea, ; CIE, In Italy, the species overwintered mainly as young adult females Viggiani and Iannaconne, Observations on the biology and on the parasites of the Diaspini Chrysomphalus dictyospermi Morg. Fontenla Rizo et al. Data on the biological control of Citrus scales in Greece. An annotated checklist of the Coccoidea of Bermuda.


Chrysomphalus dictyospermi

Scale insects Coccinea occurring in Polish greenhouses. Viggiani G; Iannaccone F, Benassy discussed the mass rearing of A.

Tuncyurek M; Oncuer C, On two new British Coccidae, with notes on some other British species. Almeida DM de, Agricultural Journal of the Department of Agriculture of Fiji, Annotated checklist of the Aphelinidae Hymenoptera: Martin, ; CIE, A dictyosoermi of the genus Chrysomphalus and supplementary notes on the genus Aonidiella Homoptera: Bitki Koruma Bulteni, 19 4: The Armoured Scales Diaspididae.