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Cook’s lack of ability as a stylist generally has been masked by his talent for Blindsight. Robin Cook, Author Putnam $ (p) ISBN . : Blindsight (): Robin Cook: Books. Cook’s lack of ability as a stylist generally has been masked by his talent for fashioning a solid medical drama–often ripped from current headlines–that keeps.

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Selected pages Table of Contents.

Men would treat her more like a model, than give her credit for being a medical doctor. The review of this Book prepared by rebecca.

BLINDSIGHT by Robin Cook | Kirkus Reviews

Though, Laurie reluctantly agrees to this, she cannot stop herself from researching all these drug overdose cases and finding some common features. Their being oblivious grants us a pages novel instead of a 30 pages one. A number of his books have also been featured in Reader’s Digest. An abnormal increase in the number of drug overdose cases makes Laurie seriously suspicious, and she starts investigating these cases.

They like each other but pretend not to, because plot. Jack Stapleton is never mentioned in this book yet blnidsight this book centers around the young forensic pathologist, Dr. How can a doctor disclose the name and medical background of his patient to anybody? Instead, I found her dialogue whiny and her approach to matters of the heart trite. The primary issue lies with his characters.


Putnam’s Sons in Views Read Edit View history. I don’t have faith that number three will change the game. One of the most fast pacing novel. Laurie has a personal interest as her brother had died from a drug overdose. She did her best ,even worked on sunday even after being fired ,to resolve the mysteries It taste good for all mystery lovers.


Three words describe the protagonist of this book: There’s enough room to add mafia, Italian food, the regretting of not having children becaus As usually, I turn to Cook when experiencing a reader’s block. I did not notice that the former owner had written inside the front cover “Ok, but Dumb ending”. Also worth mentioning were the intensity of the moments in which some kills were performed by angelo and tony, kudos to the author for making them so involving.

She has a lot to prove and try not to get killed or fired in the process. There is rash of supposed drug overdose deaths in NYC from well heeled folks which end up in the morgue and are autopsied by Laurie Montgomery.

But if the supply cannot meet the demand, how far will people go to find donors?

In this book, all the characters are in-your-face. Blindsight is Robin Cook’s set up for Contagion. Nothing makes me more angry than distortion of medical facts. This book was exciting and al There is rash of supposed drug overdose deaths in NYC from well heeled folks which end up in the morgue and are autopsied by Laurie Montgomery.

Montgomery and Lou very much! Besides entertaining readers, my main goal is to get people interested in some of these issues, because it’s the public that ultimately really should decide which way we ought to go in something as that has enormous potential for treating disease and disability but touches up against the ethically problematic abortion issue.


Feb 26, Judy rated it liked it.

I bought this book new when it was on clearance and it has been sitting on my bookshelf for 18 years or so. Feb 03, Karthik R rated it it was cool.

Dec 30, Korrapati Srujan rated it liked it. Un medio triangulo amoroso. Laurie Mongomery is faced with incoming rushes of bodies whose deaths are quite unexplained. Intrigued by diving, he later called on a connection he made through Jacques Cousteau to become an aquanaut with the US Navy Sealab when he was drafted in the 60’s.


But down with his second book, and hopes have begun to dwindle. For example the autopsies done, you get to know every blindsigth detail from making the Y-insection to the fluid in the intestines.

Her main goal was to prevent more deaths due to heavily absorbed cocaine ,she actually had seen her brother’s death in front of her own binoculars due to same overdose. The review of this Book prepared by Scott Pickle, Ph. Blindsight has restored my confidence in Mr.

Varios asesinatos, todos ligados a la mafia italiana en Nueva York; una forense cargante, pero inteligente.

Not wanting to give up, I kept reading. This book shed a little light onto why it was such a hot topic at the time.