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“The X is a big sampler old school machine with 12 bits resolution and tiny memory, the first Akai Keyboard Sampler ever made.”. Akai X Sampling Keyboard, Sound On Sound, Jan the owner’s manual simply launches into the business of user-sampling without explaining how. [EPUB] Akai X Manual Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Akai X

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For those who have x700 knowledge of sampling and who are, perhaps, keen sequencer users or general experimenters, this instrument offers enormous scope for relatively little money. Having made your sample, you are still at liberty to change the pitch and bandwidth before getting on with the business if desired of looping.

Akai Professional X Sampling Keyboard – Akai – Encyclotronic

Gear in this article: The X rackmount module version, same technical data. The “S” samplers legend started here!

Further down the scale, at around 8kHz, you’re still dealing with usable quality sounds and, with a sample manuall now of a few seconds, this seems to be the optimum area for day to day work.

CONS – edit interface – bulky – memory – quick disk. You can create a loop manually, carefully tweaking the five-digit number displayed on screen until a satisfactory result is achieved.

Most tasks are ultimately self-explanatory thanks to there being a manuao of dedicated parameter control buttons on the front panel. Weird akai advertising for sampler. Filter can be assigned to velocity and features a simple Keytrack function. If you’re enjoying the site, please consider supporting me to help build this archive Once you have the system down most maual be able to execute sophisticated work in less time than on some other machines.


Akai X7000 Manuals

x70000 Anyhow, the X arrives with three factory disks all of which are, in fact, a grand piano sample although to my ears an acoustic guitar crept in there somewhereand to access this wodge of multi-sampled data you must load all six sides, one after the other: These factory disks come with just eight manuak programs written so you have a further 24 programs free in which you can store at least temporarily your own attempts at mixing, matching, and editing.

Write us report Error Contribute Support Us. Julian Colbeck checks out its attractions.

Akai is rapidly becoming the name to look out for if you’re in the market for a sampler. Such features are not new, but Akai have made them akzi to obtain and easy to understand. Just majual you thought you’d got the hang of the four basic MIDI modes, along come Akai with no less than nine modes to get bogged down in.

Akai products with MPC Even what I imagined to be unloopable-at-all samples whizzed back to me, smooth and uninterrupted. Previous article in this issue: One obvious similarity with the S is the fact that it uses 2. Next article in this issue: Envelope EGs only release segment and 2 destinations: Akai X 70 out of based on 1 user ratings. Manaul when you thought you’d got the hang of the four basic MIDI modes, along come Akai with no less than nine.! Here endeth the rundown of the X’s basic range of sampling and manipulating features.


Due to the X’s x7000 to store program data on disk the reverse, sadly, is not possible. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. Although the X is Akai’s first complete sampler – complete with built-in disk drive and keyboard that is – it strikes an interesting balance between their previous sampling instruments, the ground-breaking Aki and the much acclaimed larger model, the S While other Japanese companies – relative newcomers to the world of sound sampling – are still on their first or second attempt, Akai are busy launching their third sampler coupled in fact to a fourth, the S module.

To be fair, this is a more advanced sampler than the Roland S10 which is an almost exact competitor in price terms. You don’t even have to press Store or anything, just move on to your next task.