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The Wild Series by Adriane Leigh. Very Sexy Interrelated Standalones. Wild by Adriane Leigh. A USA Today Bestseller! An independent. Adriane Leigh. Series By Adriane Leigh; Books By Adriane Leigh Wild. #1. Ridge. #2. Slade. #3. The Wild Series (#): Wild, Ridge, Slade. The Wild Series . Find the complete Wild book series by Adriane Leigh. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Free US shipping on orders over $

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I love Alpha Male They’re characterizations just felt so under par of how I imagine individuals at that age and rather they impersonated sex dild college students. I just finished Wild and just absolutely loved it.

He opens restaurants all up and down the coast with his friend TJ, and they are very successful. Reading Wild first will provide some back story, but is not required to read Ridge. These two tried to fight the relationship thing and just be the fuck buddies that they were but time would soon change that and Wild would try is hardest to break down Kat’s walls.

Leigh’s newest mysterious hero will have you anxiously flipping pages well into the night trying to uncover adeiane secrets.

Hey some of you may love this book and this first half, to each their own but it just wasn’t going anywhere in my opinion. This story was far more about a player asshole who battled with sex, drugs and alcohol, but a depiction of someone who acknowledged their past mistakes and poor choices and wanted nothing more than to repent for his sins, no matter the cost, and even if it meant his own happiness — How can you be mad at him?!?



Kat Kennedy has just moved to Maine, she is running from her past and determined to leave it all behind. She just wants to be alone but one cocky grin from Lane Wild in the local bar has her practically melting at his feet, unable to resist his sexy charm.

Wild Series

But, family is family and Ridge now has no family and he wants to make amends, he wants Wild to In order to do that he must hurt Mia or My as he so affectionately calls her. His full lips turned up in a seductive grin. Lane Wild is the resident bad boy, not into relationships, wilx fun, no commitments, no strings; he sleeps his way through town until a certain hell cat walks adrjane his bar.

However, the smutastic steam-scenes were deliciously dirty! He’s had some of Kat and he is in her face everytime she turns around until she lets him back in for more He learns that the right person shouldn’t want to fix you. These are the books that stay with you. There wasn’t anything that I disliked about the story. I wanted some of the sex in the beginning MOVED to the end of the book once the connection was solidified.

Is there an HEA at least?

Well this one turned out to lleigh really good! Both reviews contain spoilers. Lane was one Alpha that I’d like to go a few rounds with. Like your cunt likes it.

Some of wkld favourite heros have been assholes. If he really wanted to make things right then try another method instead of drowning yourself and others in misery. It’s freaking crazy how much I loved him. Ldigh the ending came, everything was too convoluted, then wrapped in a cute HEA. And the scene in the hallway of the bar… holy jeez… and even the second one, as much as it kinda pissed me off, I was still all hot and bothered by it.


Wile newest mysterious hero will have you anxiously flipping pages well into the night trying to uncover his secrets. Damn her for overdosing on the adrixne. She’s not looking for any friends and definitely no relationships Still no break up in sight. This is one smokin hot read with plenty of hot sex that will leave you squirming in your seat and in need of a few cold showers I made a sick joke about the only kind of plowing I wanted to do was into her.

Despite his cockiness and his arrogance, I liked him.

The Wild Series (#1-3) : Wild, Ridge, Slade

Although most of his actions are inexcusable, I never hated him for the things he did. But I axriane like holding you in my arms after, smelling that fruity shit in your hair, the smell of me on you in the morning. Sex and plot at last chapter. If you have been following the Wild series then you know that Wild is the first in the series and it is with Kat and Lane and then you have this one with Ridge and Mia. I loved the main characters, especially Wild.

And will he ever find salvation from the wilv of salvation?

The Wild Series (#) : Adriane Leigh :

You want to fuck, Lane, we can fuck. Overall an enjoyable read. I can’t wait adiane read it!!!!!! He continues along this path until he starts seeing a woman named Mia aka “My” who he really falls for.

Ridge would not listen to good advice.