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If you have never made a personal commitment to Christ if you have never asked him into your heart and to be Lord of your lifewe encourage you to do that now. Evangelicals and Catholics totally agree about the awesomeness of a personal encounter with Jesus.

And life in its totality is a relationship with him who is the source of life.

If we are in relation with him who does not die, who is life itself and love itself, then we are in life. Our relationship Catholic hookup a born again christian God is established through communion with Jesus -- we cannot achieve it alone or from our own resources alone. Much debate has set Catholic "Baptism" against the Evangelical "Born again" concept.

Greater common ground can be found if we compare the Evangelical "Born Again" experience to the Catholic " Second Conversion " experience which is when a Catholic surrenders to Jesus with an attitude of "Jesus, take my will and my life, I give everything to you.

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This second conversion is an uninterrupted task for the whole Church who, "clasping sinners to her bosom, [is] at once holy and always in need of purification, [and] follows constantly the path of penance and renewal. It is the movement of a "contrite heart," Catholic hookup a born again christian and moved by grace to respond to the merciful love of God who loved us first.

The Pope and the Catechism are two of the highest authorities in the Church. They are telling us to get personal with Jesus.

In one respect, Catholics and Evangelicals are saying the same thing. He is God, He is the Saviour. Let Him run Catholic hookup a born again christian life. Get personal with Him. Although Catholics preach a personal encounter with Christ we also emphasize the importance of the entire Body of Christ, which is the Church. The Christian walk is not a self centred journey, it is a journey for the community of believers, which the Bible calls the "Elect.

This is not so. We are into a personal relationship with him, particularly during communion, and we Catholic hookup a born again christian to the Body of Christ, which is made up of all the faithful of this age and those who went before us.

Soon after I turned my life over to Jesus, He gave me an image in meditation, based on a movie called "The Poseidon Adventure" that I had seen as a child. It was about an ocean liner that capsized. The people who were trapped inside had to climb up to the bottom of the hull which was the only part of the ship above water. Only a few survived the journey to the hull. They banged on the steel bottom of the ship, hoping the rescuers would hear them.

The rescuers had blow torches and cut a hole in the bottom of the hull to free the trapped passengers.

So when I first heard...

Without the rescuer, the passengers would suffocate and die while waiting to be saved. In this meditation, Jesus was on the other side of life with a blow torch to free me. No one else had the power, no other religion, no other path of spirituality - only Jesus.

Let us compare the Evangelical "getting saved" process to the Catholic "Conversion Catholic hookup a born again christian Heart" experience. There are many similarities:.

So technically, “born again Christianity”...

There is an alpine curious affliction of spirit and compunction cords repentance of heart Catholic hookup a born again christian conversion of heart. A "second conversion" that is a personal encounter with Jesus. CatechismAlso, in Acts 2, and Col 7: Evangelicals believe the "Born Again" decision is the critical moment of salvation for the individual. Some feel that this decision guarantees salvation regardless of any future sin.

Catholics view "Baptism" as the critical event in the salvation of an individual. In the New Testament we see a connection between salvation and baptism. Catholics look at the journey of water through the Old Testament including the great flood that cleansed the world.

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They feel that these were foreshadowings of baptism in the New Testament. And Catholic hookup a born again christian, which this prefigured, now saves you —not as a removal of dirt from the body, but as an appeal to God for a good conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Here we see the express relationship of water baptism to salvation and also the foundation of the required appeal and "heart" behind the baptism.

Baptism requires not only water, but the words "Father Catholic hookup a born again christian and the Holy Ghost" and the intention of baptising.

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