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Donors looking offspring sperm

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Donors looking offspring sperm Offspring searching for their sperm donors: Online questionnaires were completed by DI offspring, of whom Respondents were recruited via the Donor Sibling Registry, a non-profit US-based international registry that facilitates communication between donor-conceived offspring and their non-biological and biological relatives.

Data were collected on family composition, offspring's feelings regarding the method of Donors looking offspring sperm conception, communication within families, donor anonymity and their search for their donors.

Offspring of lesbian parents learned of their DI origins at earlier ages than offspring of heterosexual parents.

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In the latter families, disclosure tended to occur earlier in single-parent than in dual-parent families. Disclosure was most likely to be confusing to offspring of heterosexual parents, particularly when it occurred at an older age.

The vast majority of offspring in all types of families desired contact with their donor; however, comfort in expressing curiosity regarding one's donor was lowest in dual-parent heterosexual families, with about one-quarter reporting an inability to discuss their origins with their social father.

Although the findings are not based on a random sample, the desire among offspring surveyed here is for greater openness and contact with their donor. A variety of strategies are needed for offspring of heterosexual couples to benefit optimally from Donors looking offspring sperm general trend toward openness in gamete donation.

Although a transnational trend toward reversing decades of institutionalized secrecy regarding donor insemination DI is well under way, the issue remains controversial Blyth and Frith, ; Cahn, ab ; Janssens, Supporters of both donor anonymity and openness argue that their positions support the needs and interests not only of donors and parents, but also of donor offspring.

Yet until recently it has been difficult to locate large numbers of offspring who were aware of their conception in order to assess their views. Here we present findings from the largest survey conducted to date of DI offspring. Traditionally, with donor insemination, practiced in Europe since the early 19th century, and in the USA sinceneither the nature of the conception nor the identity of the donor has been conveyed to Donors looking offspring sperm offspring Corea, As this practice grew during the 20th century, particularly with the emergence of commercial sperm banks, donor anonymity became institutionalized in most western countries.

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Although the absence of Donors looking offspring sperm requirements precludes accurate accounting, a more recent estimate is 60 DI births per year Cahn, b. Furthermore, numerous studies reviewed by Brewaeys and Kirkman have reported that the vast majority of parents using DI had not informed their children of their DI origins and did not intend to do so.

This pervasive lack of disclosure has made it difficult, if not impossible, to measure or assess the meaning of DI for those most profoundly affected by it, the offspring. The stigma of male infertility and questions about the moral and legal status of DI were major concerns initially driving the perceived need for secrecy Asche, ; Daniels and Taylor, ; Donors looking offspring sperm,Rumball and Adair, ; Daniels and Golden, ; Cahn, b.

Parents who decline to tell their child of their donor conception have reported doing so to protect themselves and their children from being viewed negatively by others Nachtigall et al. This debate has resulted in legislative and policy changes in several countries.

Sweden passed legislation in giving donor offspring the right to receive their donor's identifying information Frith, Since then, other countries including Austria, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, the UK as well as some Australian states, have prohibited anonymous gamete donation, establishing systems to assist people Donors looking offspring sperm discovering their donor's identity Blyth and Donors looking offspring sperm, While these policy changes seem to indicate a trend away from anonymous donation, the practice continues to be protected in many jurisdictions Blyth and Frith, Evidence that parental attitudes are moving, albeit slowly, in the direction of greater openness was found by Gottlieb et al.

Moreover, Scheib et al. Similar changes were noted by Brewaeys et al.

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This was a marked increase for each group from 8 years earlier. Both single-parent families and lesbian couples have been found in several studies to be Donors looking offspring sperm willing than heterosexual couples to tell their children about their conception and to seek more information about the donor Leiblum et al.

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