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Should i respond to her text

XXX Photo Should i respond to her text.

Is it better to text or to call? What do you say when you text? Is texting a waste of time? This article will give you three secrets of texting and how you can improve your text game immediately. Women have a lot of options. These options, in the form of male pursuers, ensure that she will be in constant communication with members of the opposite sex. Should i respond to her text

You are not the only one pursuing her. The plethora of options that an attractive woman has can work against you; even if you do nothing wrong. Haley is an attractive, intelligent, quality woman. You and Haley really connect; you get along with complete ease throughout your entire interaction. An exchange of numbers happens with your departure from each other. A date is set for next Thursday; both you and Haley Should i respond to her text busy lives.

The weekend flies by and you get busy with work.

You guys had a great time on Friday, right? This pattern continues until you give up on the possibility of meeting up with Haley.

In that time period between Friday and Wednesday, how many guys do you think Haley talked to? Being attractive and intelligent, one would be sure in stating that Haley consistently has men chasing her. Texting is a great way Should i respond to her text make sure you stay on her radar. Taking the time to respond to your texts ensures she thinks about you, allowing her to remember the reason why she liked you in the first place.

This low—investment form of communication also elicits more of a female response than calling, when talking to a stranger.

Also, you'll have better odds...

Women love to text. Following these three simple rules when first learning to create interesting text threads will improve your text game exponentially.

What does this mean? You text her and she takes five minutes to respond, take five minutes or longer.

Even better, text her when...

She writes you a two word response to your paragraph; shorten the length of your responses. Responding instantly to her texts sub-communicates neediness; un-attractive. This tells her on a sub-conscious level that you have nothing better to be doing with her time, so you are waiting for her response.

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When you respond with a paragraph to her one — line responses this sub-communicates a need for rapport conversation. This tells her on a sub-conscious level that you want to talk to her more than she wants to talk to you; un-attractive.

Avoid boring subjects; ensuring content is always light and flirty. These include random, funny things that happen throughout your day, or talking about something that sparks curiosity. Men Should i respond to her text are romantically interested in the girl you are pursing are texting them all day.

For the most part, these men are all stupid. Separating yourself from these men is talking about your topics of interest, maintaining a light sense of humor and certain aloofness. She will appreciate your creativity. Make statements instead of questions. Every dude she texts asks her these questions.

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